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Natural coconut oil is your everyday healthy companion in cooking. A jar of Kantaste coconut cooking oil contains 100% cold pressed pure virgin coconut oil suitable for

  • controlling blood pressure
  • improving digestion and reducing stomach ulcers
  • boosting brain function
  • preventing heart disease
  • contains zero transfat
  • hair and skin treatment

For Hair

  • It gives your hair incredible shine, softness, thickness and conditions the scalp
  • Treats dandruff and moisturizes your hair
  • Stops hair damage and breakage

For skin

  • Moisturizes  dry skin including people with eczema
  • Its has powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Can be used as anti-aging oil
  • Also used as a carrier oil for other hair and skin products

You are what you eat. Your too cares about how you treat it. Go Healthy Natural for a better tomorrow

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