Noir For Men 3in1 Shower Gel ,body Splash & Body Cream
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Noir For Men 3in1 Shower Gel ,body Splash & Body Cream



Lasting nice scent
Smooth over body.
Refreshing scent.
Thoroughly cleanses without drying

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Noir For Men Shower Gel

Wash your way to a softer, cleaner skin with a rich, bubbly lather bursting with fragrance. Moisturizing Aloe Vera and Vitamin E combine with skin-loving in our most irresistible, beautifully fragrance formula.

Noir for men nourishes men’s skin leaving smooth and moisturizers the skin. It has a lasting men scent. This shower gel has a rich tantalizing fragrance that leaves the skin moisturized, nourished and radiant. Enjoy in the shower or bath with this lather-rich, vitamin-rich silk glow shower gel, it gently cleanses, softens, and smoothens skin, leaving skin exclusive and refreshing fragrance.
Dear Body is a series of moisturizing, firming with long lasting fragrance and antioxidants to protect your skin while keeping it soft. It also features a powerful antioxidant blend that helps protect skin from environmental attack and a firming ingredient to help tone.

Noir For Men Body Splash

Lightly spray our classic splash all over your body, it gently moisturizes your skin and refreshes your sense, also leaving skin beautiful fragrance. This collection has a rich, moisture-binding blend that easily penetrates the skin, replenishes its natural oils and seals in the moisture. It makes your skin feels incredibly soft and supple. It has a hypnotic scent of acai berry extract that leaves your skin with a beautiful fragrance.

Noir For Men Body cream

The Signature Body Lotion takes ultra-pampering to the next level. Now fortified with vaseline cocoa and vitamins C and E, it glides on the skin easily and evenly to condition and hydrate skin. This non-greasy, sheer formula absorbs quickly to leave skin soft, smooth and beautifully fragrant.


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